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15/06/2021 14:00

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Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer

My favourite trimmer on the market has to be the Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer

With no electrical parts, the hand-drivenBowl Trimmer is x20 faster than traditional hand scissors whilst still providing excellent results. With most bowl trimmers the Trimzilla offers a transparent lid to help gauge when your product is ready.
Our Silicon tongues are designed to maximise close trimming without damaging your product. With silicon being heat resistant it won't break down when cleaning unlike other plastic tongue trimmers on the market today.
This lightweight and portable product is a real bargain it's also available in 3 different sizes, as well as Dry Grates for dry trimming and Cross or Straight blades.

Get 15% off the Trimzilla Bowl Trimmer - use promo code: carltrimz

Back on the Road

Carl is now back on the road! If you want him to drop your store a visit contact him at


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