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Alternative solutions to chemical fertilisers are something foreign to most farmers. Taking the risk of switching to another methodology is scary and risky. Sometimes even if the harvest is not as ideal as expected, plant growers continue to incorporate chemicals and even toxic formulas into the earth.

These hazardous elements are being absorbed by the plants, producing fruits and vegetables with minimal to zero nutritional value. In this case, growers who are looking for alternative solutions turn to organic fertilisers. This is where Alaska hydroponics become the best alternative solution for plant growers that want nothing but the best for their crops.

About Alaska

Alaska is the brainchild of someone who has been looking for another option aside from chemical fertilisers. A personal quest that started in 1987, the results were promising.

Starting from the use of salmon meal as a protein supplement for dairy cows, the concept of being able to use elements from the fishing industry as a fertiliser became promising.

Stories of the Native Americans from where Pilgrims learned to grow and produce corn using fish fertilisers is a massive contributor to the overall concept of Alaska. After several years of trying several components using various fish products, Alaska settled on white cod bonemeal.

When used as a fertiliser, white cod bonemeal can produce impressive harvests may it be on flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Due to this, sharing the idea of using fish meat was shared with the local farming community.

As a natural waste by-product, white cod bonemeal is an all-natural fertiliser. It comes from cod which is grown in the coldest and the cleanest waters of the Earth. The Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea are some places where it can be sourced.

To become a fertiliser, it goes through a manufacturing process where all nutrients are 100% preserved. So in time, it will economically strengthen and build the soil.

This makes the earth more conducive for planting because it becomes more fruitful. This kind of fertiliser truly enriches the soils natural fertility and does not rob it out of it.

Over time, Alaskas innovative all-natural product has found its way to the market. Every year, there is an increase in sales, and countries are going for a non-chemical solution.

Alaska Product

The top product of Alaska is its fish fertiliser 5-1-1. This is a fish-based fertiliser, and it can be used for flower gardens and fruit and vegetable farms. It also works best on perennials, shrubs, and trees.

Alaska fish fertiliser provides an abundant source of organic elements, and when broken down, it can release all nutrients into the earth to boost the potency and strength of the plants. Also, the natural soil microbes survive better and let the soil become richer in organic compounds.

Alaska, as a hydroponics provider, is an excellent choice because of its all-natural elements. The use of fish in the farming industry has been an unexplored territory but has been proven to be effective. Using this raw concept to transition to a more sustainable supplement is a direction that everyone should be headed in.

The use of fish as a fertiliser is one that everyone should consider. People from before have been using this methodology, and the crops they harvest are always in excellent condition not only with how it looks but also with the nutrients it has. It all goes to say that you are what you eat in a plants case, what is absorbed from the soil, influences what it becomes.

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