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1 24 Results


Plant supplements must deliver their promises of healthier soil and plants. They must aid in producing plants with a better quality. It is why plant nutrient brands must be committed in formulating safe and effective products for their consumers. One of the best plant essential manufacturers is Aptus.

About Aptus

Aptus Plant Tech emerged in the 90s as a company keen on exploring the vital building elements of life in plants and soil.

The company is hugely built on the true essence of plant science, where every product is studied extensively, and as expected, it delivered results that can speak for itself.

The brand is strongly motivated by the philosophy that as we are what they eat, plants too are what they eat. It is a simple logic when plants are fed with poor and below par nutrition; then, its produce would also have poor nutritional value.

And of course, the better the plants are being provided with food, the yield will also be equally healthier and better overall.

The reality is, the farmlands that people have today might not be suitable for quality farming. It has been fed with too many pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that its natural micro-life and organic trace factors are down to their bare minimum.

This is where Aptus steps in and poses the challenge of getting everyone on track of promoting healthier eating to have a stronger immune system.

This principle is also being applied to the plants where crops fed with better nutrition means these greens can also thrive better against all-natural threats. The plants also become stronger to complete their cycle and give you a bountiful harvest.

Aptus strongly believes in using the knowledge and experience from the agricultural industries and the professional greenhouse. With such knowledge, they can develop products that will allow them to stand out on the market.

Today, the vision of Aptus Plant Tech has become a reality. It has also gained a name and has become a central hydroponics nutrient in The Netherlands, where it is based.

The brands future is green and promising as it is rapidly creating a name in the European hydroponics distribution market.

Aptus Products

Aptus has a wide array of products promoting the overall well-being of its consumers plants. There are four prominent logos under the brand: Aptus Plant Care, Aptus Specialty Boosters, Aptus Insect and Soil Care, and Aptus Nutrition.

Aptus Plant Care includes regulators that serve as nutrition managers and anti-stress plant enhancers. There are also organic root growth and bloom boosters and enzyme complexes.

Included in the Specialty Boosters series are Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and complete organic microelement boosters. It also carries an organic soil conditioner.

Part of the Aptus Insect and Soil care are micro-mixes that help the soils natural micro-life and organic mixtures.

The Aptus Nutrition products have a well-researched all-in-one liquid that, as the name suggests, is a pure mineral-based nutrient supplement for all kinds of pH ranges. It also has a 100% all-natural nutrient pellet thats ideal for your soil.

An innovative brand, what truly makes Aptus stand out is its drive for awareness and seamlessness throughout its entire manufacturing process.

All Aptus products came from extensive studies where every component is analyzed and mixed to create that perfect form. Incorporating Aptus in farming and production is a sure win, and it is not just a temporary solution. It is a well-rounded, healthy transformation for the earth and plants moving forward.

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