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Optimal plant growth is something that not all green thumbs are aware of. Most will follow the conventional way of growing plants, and the results are not always ideal.

During the plant cycle process, plants also become vulnerable to getting infected with diseases, not reaching their full potential of producing crops that are in excellent shape not just in the physical aspect but also in nutritional value.

The good news is, growers can trust Atami that share the same interests of ensuring that the earth is protected while the plants thrive.

About Atami

It follows that when the plants are healthy, their products are also first-rate. Atami is the fertilizer of choice for both indoor and outdoor plant life.

Founded in 1997 in the Netherlands, the brands main objective is to make available dedicated products for indoor and outdoor agronomy based on research and the integration of newer techniques.

Due to this, Atami has slowly but indeed become an undisputed leader in the indoor and outdoor plant nutrition fields. In its early stages, Atami is more into producing substrates intended for indoor and outdoor farming.

With its success, the company expanded its products and included growth boosters and fertilizers on its hydroponics distribution catalog. Today, Atamis customer base spread is in more than 40 countries.

Atami Products

This famous Dutch brand has a variety of products that can be used independently. But for best results, it is recommended that a series of their boosters, mineral fertilizers and substrates are used as a team of supplements. Here are some of the popular products of Atami:

Atami BCuzz Silic Boost: Silicon is standard in soil, but it is not widely available for the plants themselves. The brands Silicon has a strengthening influence so that the plants will be less susceptible to heat, drought, and other abiotic stress.

Atami BCuzz Blossom Builder Liquid: These are for the plant growers who want nothing but the best for their plants. This is for the flowering phase as it is rich in Potassium and Phosphorus, the two elements that 100% boost your plants.

Atami BCuzz Hydro, Coco, and Soil Boosters: They are a practical and all-natural booster used during the growing and flowering phases of your plants, this formula is 100% soluble. The plants can absorb and maximize all nutrients, and they also trigger the biological life in the substrate.

Atami Bio-Bloombastic: A sophisticated concoction of Bioorganic additives and minerals, this solution can help any farmer double their harvest while maintaining produce that is premium quality in appearance and nutritional content.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale Distribution on Atami Hydroponic Supplies

The primary edge of Atami over other hydroponics wholesale brands is their ability to create and produce excellent quality but affordable boosters, fertilizers, and substrates. Additionally, all these supplements complement each other that are relatively rare in agriculture.

Atami products are a great partner for seasoned plant growers while also being simple enough for plant newbies to use.

Whatever and everything that a plant needs, Atami can effortlessly provide to its consumers. With its unbeatable price and hassle-free application, it is now time to integrate their products into everyday farming to ensure that plant growth is optimal.

From the plants germination until the harvesting, farmers can enjoy a seamless process and a more productive harvest with Atami.

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