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Hydroponic systems make it easier to grow plants, especially for people without a large outdoor space or a garden. Now, even people living in apartments and small houses can grow indoors.

At Eden Horticulture, we offer a whole range of hydroponics wholesale and distribution plant nutrients. A popular brand we carry is Biobizz, which designs and manufactures the finest products.

About the BioBizz

Biobizz WorldWide Organics was established in 1992 with the vision of producing and exporting the highest quality organic fertilizers. The company was headquartered at Groningen, Netherlands. It was primarily a family business, providing then a smaller product line.

Later on, the company started to develop its winning formula. It continued developing innovative, effective products and growing in the hydroponics industry.

Biobizz steadily rose to popularity and now in 64 countries, becoming one of the leading brands in hydroponics wholesale supplies and products.

Currently, the company’s main headquarters is in Bilbao, Spain that also houses their Finance, Logistics, and Marketing departments and their principal production plants and greenhouses. 

Biobizz also has offices in prime locations such as Barcelona, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, allowing it to reach a broader market.

BioBizz Products

Biobizz has a wide product selection for hydroponics distribution and wholesale from activators, boosters, enhancers, fertilizers, microorganism mixes, starter packs, PH regulators, stimulants, strengtheners, and other plant supplements.

Whatever your plant problem may be, you got an ally in the BioBizz range of products for root zone growth, soil and coco systems, and beneficial bacteria formulations, to name some.

The Biobizz BioGrow, one of its most popular product lines, is ideal for hydroponic systems. This liquid fertilizer uses Dutch sugar beet extract, also known as vinasse, providing plants with the needed nutrients and minerals for quick and healthy growth. The fertilizer is ideal to use during the growing and flowering stages.

Other liquid fertilizers are also excellent choices to use for feeding water and nutrient solutions.

The Biobizz Try Pack Hydro is also a must-try set that contains three of the company’s most effective hydroponic nutrients, which are the BioBloom, BioHeaven, and TopMax formulas.

The products in this set stimulate root growth and development and protect growing plants from problems. The three 250ml bottles are enough to create a solution for 1-4 plants.

The Try Pack: Hydro is safe to use and combine with other company products for maximum effect.

Why BioBizz?

Biobizz products are trusted by the thousands of indoor growers and hydroponics enthusiasts for their effectiveness, quality, and affordability.

Biobizz only uses 100% organic ingredients and meets the necessary certifications and standards, ensuring that its products are safe to use. It tests its products out in its greenhouses for product quality control.

The 100% organic formula of Biobizz products help growers achieve a bountiful harvest. It also has a broad range of products to meet any plant stage need and remedy any problem.

What makes Biobizz unique is that they also encourage growers to practice good gardening practices and organic farming methods when using their products.

Eden Horticulture BioBizz Hydroponics Wholesale

While hydroponic systems make it easier to garden for those with small spaces, these systems have difficulties taking in the needed nutrients for healthy plant growth due to the lack of soil. BioBizz offers a wide selection of great additives, boosters, and nutrients to support healthy plant growth and development.

For BioBizz’ high quality hydroponics supplies, browse this page!