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Keeping a hydroponics system is no easy task. Greenhouse farmers and indoor growers need to ensure that the plants are getting adequate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to grow and thrive.

After all, it is the dream of every UK hydroponics grower. But aside from feeding plants with much-needed growth essentials, growers need to monitor the pH levels and temperature closely.

Otherwise, plants will not grow properly, as they'll struggle in absorbing the nutrients from the growing medium or substrate.

Growers use specialized tools and devices to measure the nutrient solution's concentration and pH levels. Bluelab is one of the leading companies in measurement tools. They offer high quality products suitable for daily monitoring.

About the Brand

Bluelab, formerly known as NZ Hydroponics International Limited, has raised the standards in measurement tools. It has its head office in Tauranga and with branches in Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States.

With the vision of encouraging controlled agriculture, the company specializes in meters, monitors, and controllers that one can use in various agricultural settings.

While nothing beats a laboratory soil test, their products are perfect for day-to-day monitoring.

Aside from that, the company also provides testing and maintenance kits, replacement parts, and other hydroponics accessories. Each product is tried and tested by Bluelab's scientists and partner growers and farmers.

Bluelab Products

To ensure optimal plant growth, one needs to measure conductivity, temperature, and pH levels in their hydroponic setup.

Conductivity tests are essential to see if there are nutrients left in the solution.

The temperature checks are a must because an incorrect temperature can adversely affect the plant's structure and growth rate.

Monitoring pH levels is equally vital since plants are only able to take in nutrients at certain pH levels.

Bluelab provides industry-standard monitors, meters, and controllers that can accurately measure conductivity, pH, and temperature levels. The products are suitable for everyday checkups and monitoring and can be used in different agricultural setups.

Two of Bluelab's most popular products are the Conductivity Pen and the pH pen.

Both products feature a compact and waterproof design and come with an auto-off function to help extend battery life. Both automatically compensate for temperature fluctuations to ensure precision in readings.

The Bluelab Conductivity Pen has built-in measurement units, enabling the user to customize them according to preference. It also comes with a hole reading function to guarantee accuracy and a flat electrode for no-fuss cleaning and maintenance.

Meanwhile, the Bluelab pH Pen features a two-point calibration that measures in 0.1 pH increments.

Why Bluelab?

As the 2019 recipient of the International Business Awards, Bluelabs becomes the industry leader in measurement tools for a reason.

All its products are made and developed with and for the grower community. Their hydroponics equipment comes in compact and handheld designs and with user-friendly functions.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution

Hydroponic systems need care and maintenance like any other growing systems. Over time, the nutrient concentration decreases, hampering robust plant growth.

To ensure that the plants are getting sufficient nutrients, the growers must diligently monitor the nutrient concentration levels.

They must also measure the pH levels since they can affect the plant's nutrient intake. A too low or too high range is problematic, as it can hinder nutrient absorption and plant growth.

To prevent any of this from happening, growers trust Bluelab for its durable and top-quality measurement tools.