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Many flower booster brands promise exceptional blooming capabilities in plants. Unfortunately, many of these products fall short of farmers' and growers' expectations.

One brand changes all that by offering soil and hydroponics farmers a unique formulation of all-natural, 100% organic flower-boosting compounds. The C-Result vows to make every planting season more productive with its ingenious formulation and unparalleled dedication to product quality.

About C-Result

C-Result is a relatively new brand that offers farmers and growers a more natural yet equally effective nutrient solution to boost their plants flowering capabilities.

Established in the early parts of 2018, the brand has slowly gained the trust of seasoned farmers and UK hydroponics growers. Even large hydroponics wholesale organisations now carry C-Result.

The brand uses only the safest, all-natural, organic ingredients in the formulation of its products. It believes that flowering boosters should not only stimulate and promote more vigorous and more vibrant flowering. The product should also not introduce harmful chemicals and substances into the environment.

C-Result does not include synthetic plant growth regulators in its formulation. It has an inventory of the most effective natural compounds that can elicit a more favourable plant growth response.

The company uses the inventory to formulate the best product to achieve the desired effect relative to the plant growth cycle.

Believing inequitable access, C-Result partners with some of the UK's most trusted hydroponics distribution organisations. It trusts them to deliver its products to agro-industrial and hydroponics retailers and merchandisers, giving ready access to countless farmers and growers across the UK.

C-Result Organic Bloom Enhancer

C-Result's Organic Flower Enhancer is an excellent formulation that promotes an 80 to 90 percent nutrient absorption rate by plant roots. Not using C-Result only leads to 55 to 65 percent nutrient absorption. Improving the plant's ability to absorb nutrients ensures a larger and higher quality yield of at least 20 percent.

The company formulated C-Result with 13 electrically charged molecules that act as chelating agents. These ions combine with charged elements in the growing media, increasing overall nutrient availability to the plants.

Farmers will notice a drastic improvement in their plants' flowering abilities, producing larger, more fragrant, and more vibrant blooms. The result is a higher quality yield than not using C-Result or other flower boosters.

The brand also formulated the C-Result with exceptional value. Growers only need to apply it once at any time in the first two weeks of a plant's blooming phase.

It also works with other nutrients and boosters, provided farmers dilute them first in their recommended solutions. Adjusting the pH and other water parameters is also crucial in ensuring C-Result's maximum effectiveness.

C-Result and Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale

Eden Horticulture trusts C-Result's unique high-quality flower-boosting formulation. We also believe in the brand's commitment to product excellence, quality, performance, and safety.

The product is one of the most sought-after bloom enhancers in our inventory, giving UK farmers and growers the opportunity to ensure a more productive yield. The brand stands firm in its commitment to total quality. We, at Eden Horticulture, do the same.

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