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Dubbed as the number one brand in plant technology, CANNA has a broad product line that can meet various plant needs and address problems. Browse through this page for a wide range of Canna offers.

About Canna

It was founded in the 1990s because of its founder’s dissatisfaction with the limited choices of fertilizers and plant supplement ranges then. Deciding to develop their products, the founders produced the first products, the Flores and the Vega.

The company gained traction and popularity after it won first prize at an annual expo in Holland for the hydroponic and potting mixes category.

What makes this brand impressive is that it is very hands-on in the production chain from research and development to marketing and sales.

It is also dedicated to research and ensures that its products are effective. The company sends in a professional team and lets them work with growers. Combining effort, they identify different plant conditions and research on the formula that will solve specific plant issues.

The company is based in Australia, but it has expanded and partnered with various agricultural businesses, including hydroponics wholesale sellers as well as major and small-scale grow shops, etc. As such, their products are available throughout Australia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Canna Products

This manufacturer provides a wide selection of products grouped into six product lines that cater to specific plant types, conditions, and environments. These lines are:

  • Aqua
  • Classic
  • Coco
  • Terra
  • Agents and Additives

CANNA Aqua is best suited for inert substrate or substrate-less circulating environments, including hydroponic systems. The line features nutrient-rich formulas, stimulating better harvest yields. The formula is safe and user-friendly and does not change the existing environment's pH levels when used.

One of the leading products is the CANNA Aqua Vega. It features a formula of nitrogen compounds, EDDHA iron chelating agents, and other necessary nutrients to stimulate growth in seedlings and sprouts.

The Aqua Vega comes in two parts, A and B that the grower needs to use at specific stages. Using both simultaneously is not advisable because that might hamper the nutrient uptake of plants.

Another popular product is the CANNA Aqua Flores that is ideal during the flowering stage. The formula contains phosphorus, potassium, and chelated trace elements to stimulate flower growth and bloom.

The formula also encourages fructification and provides the plant with its distinct taste. Like the Aqua Vega, the CANNA Aqua Flores also comes in two parts, A and B.

Why Canna?

CANNA is one of the leaders in plant technologies. The company sends professional teams to various growing businesses to determine problems that need to be addressed. Using the obtained information, CANNA design formulas for specific plant conditions.

Not only that, but CANNA also promotes excellent customer service. They provide numerous how-to guides, articles, FAQs, papers, and videos to guide customers on how to use their products.

Growers use Canna products for their hydroponic plants so that they receive the needed nutrients and minerals for growth. They offer numerous hydroponic nutrients, included in their six product lines. They also manufacture effective fertilizers and plant supplements suitable for any condition and environment.

Eden Hydroponics Distribution on Canna Solutions

Browse this page for a complete range of Canna nutrients and solutions. If you're a stockist interested in Canna products, open an account and apply now!