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Carbon Garden

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1 2 Results

Carbon Garden

There is a growing number of UK hydroponics practitioners because of an ever-increasing appreciation for indoor and backyard gardening. While many hydroponics wholesale companies provide a variety of products, Carbon Garden specialises only in one. Nevertheless, the brand continues its trajectory of becoming one of the most trusted brands in silencers.

About Carbon Garden

Like many small companies, Carbon Garden does not have all the resources it needs to outperform big-name brands. However, the brand relies on a special team that analyses and evaluates the best possible materials to go into its product.

Such dedication and commitment to excellence and product quality is strong in the brand that many hydroponics distribution centres now carry its offerings.

Carbon Garden commits to producing only the highest possible quality products for the hydroponics industry.

It collaborates with hydroponics wholesale companies to understand customer sentiments and coordinates with various hydroponics distribution centres to appreciate the logistical issues their products might encounter.

The company listens to what its customers say, providing them feedback on how to improve their products.

The brand uses only the best possible materials in its production. It knows that high quality materials can translate into high-quality products.

Farmers and growers will love the brand’s offerings because of their high-performance and efficient design. All products undergo rigorous testing and evaluation before making them available on the market.

The company works with different hydroponics wholesale companies and hydroponics distribution centres to ensure optimum product availability and accessibility.

Carbon Garden Silencers

Carbon Garden designed its Silencers with optimal sound reduction in mind. It works more efficiently as part of a complex network of grow room ventilation components, including carbon filters, phonic traps, and specialty acoustic ducting.

When installed properly, Carbon Garden Silencers can reduce room fan noise in half. It features a revolutionary acoustic foam that absorbs most of the sound waves, bouncing off only 50% of them.

The Carbon Garden Silencer is the perfect partner for a grow room extraction fan. Growers will never have to worry about affecting their plants’ growth rate.

The device features an aluminium body housing its sound-reducing foam. It is lightweight for easy installation, yet robust enough to last several years in a grow room.

Hydroponics growers can attach the Carbon Garden Silencer to either the exhaust or air intake side of the extraction fan. They can also connect Carbon Garden Silencers on both sides of the inline fan for ultimate noise reduction.

Carbon Garden believes hydroponics growers who use grow tents need optimum control over their plants’ growing conditions.

Reducing extraction fan noise can help mimic growth-promoting white noise. It allows plants to grow at a faster and healthier rate. It also promotes more robust budding, flowering, and fruiting.

Carbon Garden and Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale & Distribution

Eden Horticulture firmly believes in product quality and robust relationships with manufacturers and other entities in the agro-industry. The Eden Carbon Garden partnership empowers modern hydroponics growers to buy the most effective silencer and other products for their grow rooms and grow tents.

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