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Very few hydroponics brands command as much respect and admiration as Cyco. This Australian brand has a complete line of products that help UK hydroponics growers ensure a more prosperous harvest every planting season. The company commits its resources to perfect nutrient solutions and other products that ensure optimum yield.

About Cyco

Cyco is a hydroponics solutions brand belonging to SJ Enterprises Pty Ltd. with headquarters in Adelaide, Australia. Established in 2008, Cyco’s complete brand name is Cyco Platinum Series. It is available in the US, the UK, Spain, Canada, France, Japan, and Vietnam.

The brand envisions itself as a major player in providing farmers and growers only cutting-edge hydroponic plant nutrients, boosters, and additives. The company uses only the best and highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in its products, relying on the most advanced manufacturing technologies to deliver such products to its consumers.

The brand believes in creating new benchmarks in product quality and effectiveness. It strives to inform and educate its customers on how best to ensure the best results from using the brand’s Platinum Series products.

Cyco Products

It has an impressive Platinum Series product line, all geared towards helping farmers and growers in every aspect of their farm or garden operation.

Base Nutrients

Featuring a unique blend of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, the Base Nutrients product line is a favourite of many UK hydroponics wholesale organisations and hydroponics distribution companies.

The Grow A+B is perfect for ensuring more robust plant growth, while the Bloom A+B is perfect for promoting vibrant and vigorous flowering and fruiting.

Cyco Additives

Cyco’s Additives product range includes the B1 Boost, Dr. Repair, Potash Plus, Ryzofuel, Silica, Swell, Suga Rush, Supa Stiky, Uptake, Zyme, Kleanse, Cyco Grow XL, and pH Up & Down.

All products undergo rigorous testing upon formulation to ensure maximum benefits to plants. Each product has its mechanism of action while complementing other boosters and nutrients.

Outdoor Fertilizers

The brand also has soil fertilisers, including Dry Vegetative, Dry Flowering, and Dry Seaweed formulations. These products feature the ideal nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus concentrations to ensure more robust growth and better yield.

Cloning Products

The company only has one product under its Cloning portfolio. The Cyclone accelerates root hair production and growth, perfect for plant cuttings. It is ideal for home gardeners, allowing them to replant their cuttings in as short as one week.

Cyco Mediums

Cyco also provides farmers and growers with a bevy of growing mediums, including Coco Coir, Coco Pearl, Coco Bitz. Wormix, Seamix, and Hydro Clay. These growing media are nutrient-rich, optimising plant growth.


Newbies can choose Cyco’s ProKit product line because it already comes complete with base nutrients and additives. It includes the ProKit Suga Rush, ProKit XL, and ProKit Recovery.

pH Buffers

Mixing different nutrients and boosters requires pH and TDS adjustments. As such, Cyco also offers calibration solutions for farmers.

Cyco and Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale

Eden Horticulture is proud to be a recognised partner of SJ Enterprises Pty Ltd and its Cyco Platinum Series brand. We believe in the quality of its products, including their efficiency, safety, and performance. Farmers and growers, especially those in the hydroponics industry, can rest assured of a more bountiful harvest whenever they use Cyco high-quality products.

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