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Grow Tools

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1 2 62 Results

Grow Tools

In a fast-paced world, one should never forget to go back to basics. The tried and tested methods of the past are still the blueprint of agriculture today. Even with the advent of hydroponics, the tools remain the same – only this time, more modern.

While hydroponics can be considered to be a more modern way to cultivate plants, its foundation is still grounded in traditional methods. With any endeavor involving plants, growers and wholesalers alike are going to need the basics to get started.

Grow Tools specializes in grower equipment that is specifically manufactured for hydroponics setups. From plastic pots, to vacuum bags, to supportive attachments – Grow Tools allows growers to maximize the function of their grow rooms and aid in the growing process.

About Grow Tools

Eden Horticulture has been specializing in hydroponics since 2012. Since then, our specialists team has helped thousands of growers with sound advice, high quality products, and excellent services.

We believe in Grow Tools, so we carry their brand in our hydroponics distribution centre.

From the basics to specifics, Grow Tools has them all. Everything that a seasoned grower will need for their hydroponics setup is manufactured by this brand.

Horticulture can be a painstaking process, but with the right tools, it will be increasingly satisfying.

The products of Grow Tools are simple, practical, and ingenious. They provide specific tools to make hydroponics interactive and interesting. Hooks to hang light fixtures, anti-leak adhesives, and plant support fixtures that don’t look too gaudy – they have them all.

These basic tools are what a horticulture grower would never guess they needed – which is what makes Grow Tools such a significant and practical brand. Truly, growers and distributors will have a field day at the array of what Grow Tools has to offer.

Grow Tools Products

This manufacturer provides growers with a range of hydroponics gear. Everything that a grower needs to get started – from gloves to containers, to dry racks, to vacuum bags, to hoses, and even a magnifier loupe to observe plants with – it’s all here.

The 50mm Airstone, which is a weighted attachment, is used for hydroponic air pumps. This tool provides a stream of bubbles for hydroponic systems. The airstone ensures the even distribution of oxygen for all the plants, that is helpful in the summer.

While oxygen is essential, plants still need carbon dioxide. For poorly-aired hydroponic systems, CO2 Tablets can effectively counter any growth stagnation caused by the CO2 shortage. These tablets provide carbon dioxide directly onto the roots of grow room plants, ensuring their healthy growth.

Grow Tools also provide plant support riggings that growers can use to maximize tiny spaces and to train branches into the desired shape. The Grow Tools Plant Support Yo-Yos, for example, can be attached to a tent frame and then onto heavy plant branches to provide significant support.

Similarly, the 100m Garden String and Gardening Wire can also be used for plant support. For that added internal support, the Grow Tools Bamboo Canes and Plant Support tools are also very helpful – and they look great.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Distribution on Grow Tools

The technology of today has made things a lot easier for people who just want to grow their food. With Grow Tools, wholesalers and distributors will find most, if not all, of the needed tools for hydroponic systems.

For affordable and high quality indoor gardening grow lights, hydroponics equipment, and hydroponic supplies, contact our hydroponics wholesale customer service team. Need advice? We can also help.

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