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Hesi is one of the well-known hydroponics brands in the industry. It is trusted and well-loved by both beginner and expert growers. Hesi produces everything from plant fertilizers to aids and additives. The company is proud of its commitment to marketing only the highest quality products ensuring healthier and larger plants with optimum yields.

About Hesi

Hesi is in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. It is a solution brand known in the hydroponics industry for its world-class line of products and plant solutions, perfect for hydroponics and horticulture use. With its global reach, you can find its products in America, South America, and Asia.

The brand commits its resources to provide only the best quality products for its consumers. With intensive research and advanced technology, Hesi successfully developed its line of plant solutions that are perfectly balanced and are suitable for each phase of a plant's life cycle. Their products use only the best ingredients with guaranteed and tested effectiveness.

At the factory, all the products are mixed and sealed securely with strict quality standards. With state-of-the-art technology, Hesi guarantees the quality of each package delivered to customers.

Hesi's potency comes from years of experience and deeply rooted scientific knowledge of what is good for plant growth, making it the best choice for dedicated growers out there.

Hesi Products

Hesi has various high quality products geared towards optimal plant growth and providing growers with increased production on UK hydroponics. These products are a favorite among hydroponics distributors as well.


The boosters contain a combination of nutrients that gives plants that extra energy boost and kick in their metabolism. Plant boosters serve as an extra supply of nutrients to aid plants in each phase of their growth and development.

Supervit supplies plants with vitamins and amino acids in ready-to-use form. The Hesi Root Complex ensures a healthy root zone for plants. Hesi Powerzyme likewise ensures healthy root growth. Meanwhile, Hesi Boost is perfect for flower intensification.


Coco's product range includes Coco, TNT Complex, and PK 13/14. These products supply plants with organic elements and the extra phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and other minerals that your plants need for increased flower production and higher yields.


The brand understands how different it is to cultivate plants in hydroponic systems. That is why their line of soil products are all first-class solutions rich with nutrients and minerals tailored for the different stages of a plant's growth.


Hydro are hydroponic fertilizers rich with all the necessary nutrients mixed at the ideal concentration, which plants can easily absorb. They are available in a growth or bloom version.

Hesi and Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale

Eden Horticulture is among the most trusted partners of many brands in hydroponics distribution. Eden Horticulture trusts the quality and efficiency of Hesi and its products. With the brand's expertise in plant growth and their high industry standards, rest assured investment in their products is worth your money's value.

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