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1 7 Results


Luxx is another reliable hydroponic supplies’ manufacturer that growers can trust. It has been around for a while and since then has been offering nothing but top-notch hydroponic products to growers in the UK and other parts of the globe.

About Luxx

There is not much info to find about this brand online, but nevertheless, its line of products surface a lot when people are searching for quality scrog nets, sheeting, and grow tents.

Luxx Products

Scrog nets: They can provide a reliable and strong plant support and are made of high quality and durable materials. These products are with hooks in every corner, allowing for quick and easy set up in the grow room. They can help in stabilising the plants, giving growers peace of mind that they will be secured in place.

Grow Tents: Luxx also offers grow tents, such as Ultra Grow Tents. They are an ideal choice for growers who are looking to maximise their harvest.

Such tents are easy to assemble or build, so even a newbie in the indoor growing endeavour won’t have a hard time to build one. They also require no tools, and all LUXX tents are with a drip tray, which makes cleaning and replacement easier.

Grow Tents are also lightproof. The Ultra Tents, for instance, feature a flap that can close behind it, making them lightproof.

The tents also feature increased reflectivity for its white-coated corners. They are also made with nontoxic materials. Finally, every tent is designed with inspection windows.

Sheeting: Luxx also manufactures white floor secure sheeting that can help growers protect their floors from water damage. It is made with a heavy-duty plastic sheeting that can protect floors from any spillage and drips. It is wide and can cover a large floor area.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution on Luxx Products

Our hydroponics distribution and wholesale centre believes in the quality of Luxx hydroponic supplies and are proud to offer them in our shop. Complete your hydroponic and indoor growing room setup with Luxx grow tents, sheeting, and scrog nets, to name some.

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