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Growing indoors is a productive hobby and endeavour. However, keeping the grow area smelling fresh and clean is a challenge for many UK hydroponics growers. It is why companies like Nilco are designing and manufacturing high quality indoor air products, including air fresheners.

About Nilco

It is one of the most known brands for indoor air quality control. They are popular for their air fresheners that can reduce foul odour in the grow room. Indoor growers and hobbyists alike can take advantage of this brand’s affordable and effective air freshening products.

Nilco Products

Their air fresheners can eliminate foul odour circulating in the grow room. In this case, keeping the indoor gardening space can be more enjoyable.

They feature high discharge and large sizes are also available for industrial growing application. Growers can also choose from a wide range of scents according to their preference. Scents include Smoke Away Hint of Mint, Spring, Lavender, Citrus, and Cranberry.

One of their best offerings is the Power Fresh for professional and industrial odour control solution. The solvent-based air freshener features a high discharge to eliminate trouble odour in different grow environments.

Nevertheless, Nilco is popular in the hydroponics industry and among hydroponics retailers for air fresheners that are high quality. They can also offer long-lasting odour control solutions. They can supply a fragrance burst in any hydroponic setup.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Nilco Air Fresheners

Our hydroponics distribution specialist team is proud to carry Nilco products for their effectiveness, affordability, and quality. We offer wholesale prices for growers looking to use these air freshening solutions in a larger application as well as those who want to be a stockist of these hydroponic supplies.

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