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Ventilation is one of the most crucial aspects of a grow room. It is why growers use EC fans, which are powerfully built, yet do not use much power. These fans give users more control on the grow area’s environment, so they can look forward to a more ideal yield. One of the brands that stands out is Onyx.

About Onyx

Onyx commits itself in high quality and efficient EC fans. Over the years, it is known in the hydroponics industry to supply the market with compact and energy saving fans.

They design and manufacture fans that offer growers with peace of mind and ease of use. They offer highly efficient and money saving extraction fans that will give growers the most value of their spending.

In our hydroponics distribution centre, we’re happy to carry and offer Onyx to our wholesale customers.

Onyx Products

EC fans like the S-Max fans give users a convenient and easy way of controlling over the grow room’s climate. Now, it is easier to achieve it because these EC fans give them a better control of the temperature, which has a huge impact on plant growth and development in the grow room.

The fans also operate quietly and feature an easy to use variable controller. It allows growers to change the airflow easily without buying another unit.

Onyx offers supreme quality with the S-Max fans designed with advanced technology. They remain as one of the leading choices in the hydroponics industry.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Onyx Products

Onyx fans run quietly and offer a hassle-free operation. The S-Max, for instance, offers users with peace of mind because they’re designed and built with a powerful and silent EC motor that consumes less power.

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