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Plagron belongs to one of the top companies manufacturing and selling different additives, fertilisers, and substrates. Growers of all levels can trust that it supplies only well-formulated, safe, and effective products for optimum plant growth and development.

About Plagron

The company started in 1992 with only a small farm. Over the years, it has expanded and become a leading manufacturer selling different products for plant life and hydroponics globally.

They have a mission of catering to every type of grower from beginners to advanced s. Those looking for the best substrates and hydroponic products can depend on their reliability and performance. The company is also committed to giving advice and recommendation to anyone who wants to improve their growing results.

Plagron strives hard to be the brand that growers recommend and use to achieve their desired results. They do not stop growing and continually improve their products to manufacture and supply their consumers with only the finest products for hydroponics wholesale, distribution, and retail.

Plagron Products

It designs, manufactures, and supplies the hydroponics industry and players with high quality additives, substrates, base nutrients, and starter kits.

Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution offers Plagron products to our retail and wholesale customers. One of these is Plagron Perlite, which is made of volcanic rock. This product can provide plants with an airy substrate, improving air flow and drainage.

It is a physically stable product that can retain its shape even if it is pressed into soil. It also has a neutral pH level and is made without toxic chemicals. This product is made of only natural compounds and is porous.

Fish Force is another product by Plagron. It is a fish-based nutrient used during the growth phase. It promotes growth and encourages the production of green leaves. It can also make plants resistant to pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale and Plagron

Ensure optimum plant growth with high quality hydroponic supplies from Plagron. To save and get the best deals, trust only Eden Horticulture! We’re one of the leading UK hydroponics wholesale and distribution companies since 2012. We also help growers with sound advice and recommendation on hydroponic systems.

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