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Plants need nutrients, additives, and fertilisers for optimal growth and development. Especially in hydroponic setup that does not use soil in growing, growers need to ensure that their plants get the nourishment they need.

About PlantLife

This brand offers a wide range of products made from only tried, tested, and proven safe and effective ingredients.

Their products are designed and created by plant scientists with years of combined experience in hydroponics nutrients and fertilisers. Over the years, the brand keeps striving and improving their products for the benefit of their consumers.

PlantLife continues to innovate and design plant essentials so that they can help farmers and indoor/outdoor gardeners maximise their yield.

PlantLife Products

Choose from a wide range of nutrient products that PlantLife offers. Rest assured that growers and farmers from around the globe can trust their effective and safe products that use only high quality raw ingredients.

Ton O Bud is a popular PlantLife product in additives. It is a plant-enhancing product made of only safe ingredients and no harmful contaminants or by-products. It is ideal for all feeding routines and schedules as well as growing media.

Ton O Bud can also replace other supplements with potassium and phosphorus. It is a high concentration PK additive that is designed and created to help in flowering and fruiting during the flowering cycle’s middle stages.

Eden Horticulture and PlantLife

UK Hydroponics growers can have peace of mind with PlantLife PK additives. It can aid them in increasing their crops’ weight and quality. For hydroponics distribution on PlantLife nutrients, contact us.

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