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Stewart is a UK market leader that manufactures injection and rotational moulded products. It specialises in a broad range of industries and supplies for home and garden and technical moulding, to name some.

About Stewart and Its Products

The company manufactures and sells propagators, including heated propagators that can help growers keep their seedlings and clones at an optimum and required temperature until they are rooted and transplanted.

Eden Horticulture is a trusted hydroponics wholesale and distribution company of over 50 brands in the hydroponics industry.

Growers go to us for the best deals, highest quality, and most efficient hydroponic supplies, accessories, and equipment.

Even a hydroponics retailer could tell that quality indoor and outdoor growing supplies can make the big difference in a farmer’s yield.

As a hydroponics distributor, we believe in high quality hydroponics equipment, grow lights, and other essentials, too, to help beginner and seasoned hydroponics growers grow happy and healthy plants.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Distribution on Stewart Products

UK hydroponics stockists and retailers choose Eden Horticulture for their hydroponic supplies, tools, machines, and advice. We are happy to offer the Stewart product lines in our store.

For hydroponics wholesale prices and other inquiries, contact us today!

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