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The Growers Guide

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The Growers Guide

Today, learning something is so easy. Everyone does everything on the internet. Just enter the information needed, and in a matter of seconds, thousands of resources and videos are at your disposal.

But sometimes, going the traditional way and reading a book is still the best way to learn and enrich one’s knowledge. For the green thumbs or those interested in indoor growing, these books are perfect for you.

About the Growers Guide Series by Rich Hamilton

Rich Hamilton is a seasoned plant grower, but it is not something that he would personally admit. He would be honest, though, in saying that he doesn't know everything.

Being the author of The Growers Guide books, he has tried his hands on almost everything hydroponics-related from running a hydroponics retailer shop to designing new hydroponic products and managing sales.

There are four books in the series, and this author is also the owner and director of the publishing house Machiavellian Media. He also writes for international hydroponics industry magazines and works as a freelance consultant for several hydroponic companies globally.

His book is intended to guide beginners and even just those interested in the basics of hydroponics. Regardless of the readers’ knowledge and skill level, there would always be new information to learn and modern techniques to try.

This book is a must-have. It provides readers with system information, growing tips and guidance, and product recommendations. Even intermediate and expert growers can learn a thing or two in this series.

The Growing Guide Series

The books are concise and easy to understand and follow. It is packed with ingenious ideas that will convert any reader into becoming an indoor grower. Here are the books included in the series:

Coco Coir and Soil

This will accelerate the readers' knowledge and skills because of all the growing techniques shared. It will help build the readers' confidence as they grow indoors. This book illustrates how a grower can produce the best result for the plants.

Bubblers DWC

This provides a complete insight into the advantages of growing bubbler systems. Different hydroponic equipment and product brands are also mentioned here.


This is an excellent refresher for intermediate and expert growers and can serve as a good foundation for newbies—the ultimate A-Z guide for growing organics.

Passive Watering Systems

If readers feel like the other books are lacking, then there's more content on this book. It has advanced chapters for a more in-depth understanding of the nutritional elements needed to produce thriving and healthy plants.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale of The Growers Guide

This series is one of the best recommendations to learn UK hydroponics because it is written by a guy who shares a similar and deeper passion for hydroponics. The recommendations are based on experience with actual results.

There are no what-ifs or hesitations because everything came from actual know-how. Once in a while, it's nice and smart to read an actual book, and this series is worth your read.

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