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1 7 Results


Medical plant and flax farmers are not getting as much support as they need when it comes to tools and equipment to make their lives easier. Sure, there is plenty of agricultural paraphernalia but not 100% intended for particular plants.

The good news is, Triminator is a brand that many plant farmers can use. From the field to the extracting process, these products can make the entire process seamless.

About Triminator

Triminator understands the hard work involved in planting these plants, so the company is fully there from start to finish.

The brand's story started in Northern California. They were asked by some plant grower friends to come up with a machine that can efficiently trim their premium flowers at a commercial level.

This is where the journey began as the company worked tirelessly to create equipment that can help the increasing needs of the farmers. When Triminator perfected their machinery, they expanded into producing equipment that can cover the entire process from the field up to the final dried plant output.

Today, Triminator is part of Eteros Technologies and now offers a competitive and comprehensive range of premium flower processing tools globally. Triminator is now the leading provider to some of the most advanced plantations while still consistent with their commitment in supporting both small and large-scale farms.

Not ready to settle, Triminator is still constantly engineering harvest solutions based on their consumers' feedback and recommendations to ensure that the brand thoroughly can support profitability and productivity among the plant farmers and market.

Triminator Products

With a series of equipment under their name, there are suitable tools for farmers who are just working on a smaller farm and at the same time farmers who have a constant demand.

Here are just some of the products under the Triminator catalog that are extremely useful in every step of these in-demand plant farming.

The Kirpy Harvester cuts the stalk in the field, and after, it will transport the entire plant to the transport trailer.

The Box Dryer automatically dries the buds for that perfect, repeatable, and smokable flower.


The Buckmaster Pro removes the dry or wet flowers from its stems.


The Shredmaster shreds the entire plants, including the flowers, to a consistent size to enhance the dryer output.

The Triminator is one of the best brands because it is family- and employee-owned. Everyone working for the brand knows the inside and out of every piece of equipment. Being 100% exclusive in supporting these medical plant farmers, they understand the entire process and the struggles they face.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Triminator

Integrate the use of Triminator in farming and never go back to the tedious and inefficient method where there is more being wasted than used. Treat yourself with the independence to take real risks and reap the benefits automatically.

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