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1 31 Results


Expelling heat and humidity from grow tents is essential. Every indoor grower or farmer knows that too much of anything is not suitable for plant growth, including heat and moisture.

With excessive heat, plants can wilt and die. And this situation cannot be remedied by drowning the crops with water. Every component in growing plants should be perfectly balanced.

To help plant growers with this endeavor, Vortex came up with a product line to assist in the overall ventilation of your indoor planting space.

About Vortex

When the organization opened its doors in 1998, the main office, located in Montreal, had a vision of significantly growing and expanding to new markets. True to its vision, by 2000, a building warehouse and a head office were set up in Terrebonne, Quebec.

The new Terrebonne building is an ecological structure that contains one of the most extensive vegetative green roofs in the entire Canada. This environmentally-friendly structure is a feat on its own and a visual of what Vortex as a company represents.

The brand believes in supplying its consumers with premium quality products with a basic philosophy of incorporating innovative technology, impressive design, and high-set standards. These visions burn bright with North America as the target market.

With the ventilation business expanding rapidly and with new technology being integrated, the company is poised in servicing these markets with the same level of attention to detail that has worked for the brand since it first introduced its products.

Moving forward, Vortex will continue to emphasize manufacturing more products suitable for all the customers' needs. They promise to promote competitive pricing and the highest standard in quality.


Vortex Products

Vortex has several products under its name. Depending on the consumers' needs and preferences, there should be one that can meet these expectations to the fullest. Here are some of the available products of Vortex:

Vortex Inline Fans

When these inline duct blowers were imagined, efficiency and reliability are non-negotiable must-haves. Thus, the powerful motor working with an aerodynamically designed shape has made Vortex Powerfan a leader in the industry regarding performance reliability.

The VTX series are all made from premium steel construction with a sleek hammerstone powder coat finish. Additionally, it comes with an impressive 10-year warranty which gives consumers peace of mind about their purchase.

Vortex Filters

Consumers would have a choice between reversible and non-reversible filters depending on their immediate need. Each would have its pros and cons, so it would be best to weigh the difference before purchase. Rest assured that both are made with top-rate materials and durability like no other.

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Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Vortex

Overall, the UK hydroponics products of Vortex are the best because ever since the first product was conceived, the brand has already established what they envision their products to be.

The driving force is to produce durable and reliable tools that will have to go through a rigorous process and must meet quality standards set by the brand.

As the ventilation industry continues to progress, Vortex will always be there at pace in integrating the newest technology on their products. All consumers can always expect something innovative from this brand.

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