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Widow Contactors

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1 1 Results

Widow Contactors

Part of a farmer's wish is to have control over the sun. Sun means light, and light plays a vital role when it comes to plant growing. But this can remain on the wish list because the sun will rise and set as nature intended it to without any human intervention.

The great thing about innovative technology is that there can be hydroponic tools that can be used to get as much light as needed in a controlled environment. Widow Contactors is the ultimate solution for controlling HID lights – a must-have for those who want additional support in plant growing.

About Widow Contactors

Widow Contactors represent the best option when it comes to precision in controlling the light cycles. Considered as one of the powerful grow room relay contactors, their products are made from top-grade components all assembled in the UK. And, the contactors are all built from exceptional parts and are guaranteed to be reliable and trusted in the hydroponics industry.

Widow Contactors are explicitly designed for shoppers looking for powerful control and 100% reliability within their growing.

The company is established for its reliability and efficiency. It gives the consumers the freedom to control their grow room lighting system to whatever suits their plants' needs.

Widow Contactor Products

Widow contactors offer two-way timers, 4-way timers, 6-way timers, and 8-way timers. All these versions use premium-grade components during the manufacturing process. All these contactor units all intended to help in controlling HID lights.

These versions all feature the same advantages of having only a minimal heat sink and have rubberized mould plugs. These are not just convenient for the users, but they also lessen the risk of any accidents.

Farmers and green thumbs can also enjoy professional agricultural grade timers and handy hanging brackets, so these can be placed wherever suitable.

The brand understands that creating as much visible light per watt as possible is critical for rooms dedicated to growing plants. Thus, incorporating these timers can be advantageous not just to the plants but also to all the people involved in the entire system, from germination to harvesting.

This understanding gives them an advantage because they can relate to the challenges that every plant grower goes through to control HID lights. Thanks to Widow Contactors, the process and resolution are no longer as complicated and impossible as before.

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale on Widow Contactors

The use of HID lighting plays a critical and winning role in plant growth. Take advantage of this possibility by integrating a simple tool to control HID lights. Widow Contactors is what you need. Let them take care of the HID lighting challenges today.

Browse through this page for a complete range of high quality Widow contactors and premium components. Check out other hydroponics distribution pages for other hydroponics equipment today!