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Growing Media

1 36 Results

1 36 Results

Growing Media

Growing media is sometimes called potting soil or substrate. It refers to the material/s in which the plants are grown other than the soil alone. In the horticulture industry, it's used to support plant growth and development.

This material can be liquid or solid and is typically a blend of components blended to create a growing media for either commercial or personal/hobby use.

Take note that there are various types of growing media meant for cultivating a specific plant.

A substrate, grow media, or culture medium, other names for a growing media, has three primary functions. They are to support the plants physical growth and development, to support maximum root growth, and to help supply the roots with nutrients, water, and air.

In typical nurseries, a growing media is mainly of native soil. However, it is sometimes called artificial soil if it has been altered to contain additional materials, including green waste or bark, wood fibres, coco coir, or peat moss.

A growing media also has mineral components, which may include pumice, perlite, and clay that are used in the manufacture of a growing media. But then, its primary components still depend on the plants you intend to grow.

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The roots develop in the pore spaces in between the growing medias individual particles. For instance, air and water move through those spaces. It is why a growing media should be able to promote aeration and support proper uptake.

Air is responsible for microbe health and is essential for root growth. Water, on the other hand, is needed for plant growth. The beneficial microbes supply the plants with the nutrients for growth. A growing media ensures these things happen. So, in order to grow your plants happily and healthily, choose from one of our growing media available.

In our hydroponics distribution centre and in this online store, you'll find a wide range of growing media that include the following -

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Growth Technology Root Riot

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Jiffy-7C 30mm Coco Coir Plug

Cyco Coco Coir 50L

Cyco Coco Bitz 50L

Biobizz All Mix

Plagron Growmix 50L

Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 50L

Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

Cyco Coco Clay 50L

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