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Plagron Royal Mix 50L Plt-60

Product Code: HYD-0975
For growers looking to achieve the highest yield, look no further. Plagron Royal Mix is the finest mix of carefully selected types of peat. It contains various types of fibre and perlite which result in a lightness and oxygen level that one expects from Plagron quality substrates.

The abundant presence of unique Plagron worm castings ensures vigorous plant growth and increased water retention. Royal Mix contains a carefully selected combination of organic fertilisers which meet all of the plant’s nutritional requirements. 

Royal Mix is truly a premium product, and it is so unique because the nutrients are only released exactly when the plant needs them! 



  • Fertilised for six weeks (rinse before use.)

  • A high percentage of perlite

  • Time-released nutrients

  • Organic fertilisers


Product Data

  • Brand: Plagron
  • Height: 67
  • Length: 25
  • Width: 36
  • Pallet Quantity: 60
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Box Quantity: 1
  • RRP: £16.00