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Hailea ET Air Pumps

Product Code: HYV-0063
These high-quality, high-output pumps provide air to hydroponic systems. They'll keep root systems healthy underwater and provide exceptional energy efficiency. 

Hailea ET Air Pumps

These high-quality, high-output pumps provide air to hydroponic systems. They’ll keep root systems healthy underwater and provide exceptional energy efficiency. 

Supplies air to hydroponic plants

Hydroponic plants need plenty of water movement to oxygenate the root system and keep fresh nutrients flowing through. Hailea’s ET series of air pumps provides a high flow at low pressure for ultimate efficiency. 

As well as keeping plants alive, the extra air in the water helps aerobic bacteria to decompose. Users will see a fresher, safer tank with less risk of plant disease and infection. 

1800 - 4800 LPH output

The Hailea ET range is available in four different sizes, ranging from 30 to 80 litres per minute (1800 to 4800 LPH). They’re powerful enough to transport air through even the largest hydroponic systems. 

Users with smaller grow rooms may prefer the Hailea ACO Pumps. Running from 92 to 3600 LPH, they’re a super-efficient option with multiple outlets to remove the need for a manifold. 

Low power consumption

Hailea prides itself on its energy-efficient and affordable equipment. Despite their powerful flow, the pumps use little energy. Budget-conscious users won’t need to worry!

The pumps also operate at an incredibly low volume. They run as low as 40dB - about the same as a standard refrigerator. 

High-quality and user-friendly

What adds genuine quality to the ET Pumps is that they’re housed in a robust, weatherproof casing. This means they can be used inside or outside the grow room with no risk of harm. 

The pumps contain no parts that wear and therefore will not deteriorate over time. Their performance will stay on top form for years to come. 

Cleaning and maintenance requires no tools. Users can even change the filter without any extra equipment. 

Hailea wants to make their pumps as cost-effective and waste-free as possible, so spare part kits are available should users need a replacement. No need to buy another pump!

Where to use the Hailea ET Air Pumps?

The ET range is suitable for use indoors and outdoors in hydroponic systems, aquatic tanks, and water features. As powerful as 4800 LPH, they’re ideal for larger gardens and grow rooms. 

Maintaining a consistent supply of oxygen is essential for plants all year round. However, a powerful air supply is particularly important during the summer months, as oxygen levels in water naturally fall. 

Why choose the Hailea ET Air Pumps?

  • Electric air pump for hydroponic systems;
  • Extremely low energy usage;
  • Silent operation;
  • Portable weatherproof casing;
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use;
  • Super-robust design;
  • Rubber elbow for easy fitting;
  • Ideal wastewater pump;
  • Competitively-priced spares kits available. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Hailea

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  • Brand: Hailea