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Hardware & Accessories

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1 2 84 Results

Hardware Accessories

Browse through this page to find the most essential hardware accessories that will complete your hydroponics setup.

Setting up a grow room requires planning and buying hydroponics supplies, tools, and equipment. A few things to consider include a reflective material to cover the walls if building a grow room. If using a grow tent, growers need to choose between a small, medium, or large tent.

You also need grow lights, including a T5 light or a CMH light. For odour and temperature control, you need filters and fans, as well as CO2 supplies to prevent the grow room air from being stale.

More so, grow rooms need a timer that lets growers to take control over the growing environment. And to get the stale air out the grow room, growers also need ducting.

But aside from the primary hydroponics equipment, hardware accessories also play an important role. In our hydroponic distribution centre and on this page, you'll find a wide selection of these products, which can help you set up a successful grow room.

Hydroponics Wholesale Hardware Accessories

Scrog Nets

Measuring Jugs

Measuring Syringe

Silver Weave Tape X-Weave

Trellis Netting

Submersible Pumps

Digital Hygrometer

Garden Hose 30m

Pressure Sprayer

Hygrometer With Probe

Extension Leads

Plant Support Yo-Yos

Cardboard Nutrient Box

Cardboard Soil Box

Handling Gloves

Eyewear LED

Collapsible Plant Supports

Plastic or Steel Manifolds

Surgical Scalpels

Bin Bags

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Plug In Fan Speed Dimmer

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For advice and recommendation, feel free reaching out to us. Our specialists team is here to offer you with accurate advice and attend to your questions.

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