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3L Pressure Sprayer

Product Code: HYD-0176
Constructed with shatterproof and frost-resistant materials, this high-quality 3 Litre Pressure Sprayer with a powerful pump action and pressure relief valve is an ideal choice for a grow area, ideally suited for plant protection products, fertilised and gentle irrigation.

Featuring a variable jet nozzle for precise application of plant feeds or watering without damaging them, the 3 Litre Pressure Sprayer is also suitable for use with most garden and household chemicals, and the nozzle can be adjusted for a spread of stream beam. It’s ideal for use around the garden, greenhouse, or a grow room.

The 3 litre capacity is a huge benefit to this product, meaning the user doesn’t spend time having to refill the product. The large filling opening is especially practical and facilitates both filling and mixing of liquids.

The shoulder carry strap means the pressure sprayer comfortably fits on the user’s back for long periods at a time. The shoulder strap with padding guarantees pleasant handling and comfortable carrying.

The Pressure Sprayer is equipped with a form-stable, pressure-resistant and robust container with finely scaled and easy-to-read level indicator. 

Further features include the moulded feet allow easy pumping and guarantee a stable stand on uneven surfaces. Also is the pressure sprayer equipped with an ergonomic D-handle to facilitate pumping and a trigger with practical on and off lock function.



- 3-litre capacity

- Shoulder carry strap 

- Adjustable spray lance

- Trigger-lock

- Pressure release valve

- Shatterproof and frost-resistant material

- The nozzle can be adjusted for a spread of stream beam.

Product Data

  • Brand: Grow Tools
  • Height: 15.5
  • Length: 16
  • Width: 20
  • RRP: £14.99