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Grow Tools Surgical Scalpels

Product Code: HYD-0942
Grow Tools Surgical Scalpels are a must-have for any grower, particularly necessary during the cuttings process.

Grow Tools Surgical Scalpels

Grow Tools Surgical Scalpels are an absolutely essential tool in the armoury of a grower. This is because using a scalpel ensures a clean cut that helps in the rooting process. 

Grow Tools Scalpels come in a pack of ten, and are ideal for cleanly and accurately taking cuttings or other maintenance of plants which require precision. They come fully sterilised and sharpened to ensure accuracy and the best chance for user fragile new plants.

A scalpel is more effective than scissors, as scissors crush the stem, ultimately causing damage to the area where new roots will grow.


  • Clean cut for new cuttings
  • Pack of ten
  • Accurate and precise.

Product Data

  • Brand: Grow Tools
  • Height: 24
  • Length: 3
  • Width: 13
  • Pack Quantity: 10
  • RRP: £10.00