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Hailea Air Pumps ACO

Product Code: HYV-0346
The Hailea ACO Super Silent Air Pumps are high-quality and high-output. They drive air through airline tubing and into multiple submerged airstones. 

Hailea Air Pumps

The Hailea ACO Super Silent Air Pumps are high-quality and high-output. They drive air through airline tubing and into multiple submerged airstones. 

Delivers air to hydroponic plants

Hydroponically-grown plants need air delivered to them - or else they’ll drown! The Hailea Pumps push a fresh supply of air underwater to multiple airstones

The airstones will then gently release a stream of bubbles to oxygenate the root system under water. 

Eight different sizes 

Ranging in output from 96 to 600 LPH, there’s a Hailea Pump to suit every hydroponic system and budget.

Working in a small grow space? The Hailea ACO2202 is a budget-friendly option. For those wanting one of the most powerful pumps on the market, the ACO9610 comes to the rescue. 

Adjustable and efficient

All Hailea models are extremely energy efficient, meaning they’ll cost less to run than competitors with the same output. 

Their adjustable flow control means that users can choose the speed the pump operates at and change it at any time. Keep the power low and save on energy costs, or blast it to full power for a higher output. 

Larger models also have multiple built-in outlets, removing the need for manifolds. 

How to use the Hailea Air Pumps?

Attach one end of 4mm Airline Tubing to the Hailea Pump and attach the other end to an airstone. 

Smaller models with one outlet will require a manifold to attach multiple airstones. Larger models can use the multiple outlets to attach each airstone. Place the airstone underwater in the hydroponic system, near the root system of the plants. 

Turn the Hailea Pump on at the mains and adjust the output using the power dial. The pump will deliver air to the airstones and small bubbles will appear. 

Where and when to use the Hailea Air Pumps?

The Hailea Air Pumps are ideal for use in hydroponic systems of any size - just choose the model which best suits the user’s ideal air output. 

Maintaining a consistent supply of oxygen is essential for plants all year round! However, a powerful air supply - like the Hailea Pump delivers - is particularly important during the summer months, as oxygen levels in water naturally fall. 

Why choose the Hailea Air Pumps?

  • Electric air pump for hydroponic systems;
  • Adjustable flow control;
  • Extremely low energy usage;
  • Contamination-free air pumping;
  • Larger models have multiple outlets - no need for a manifold;
  • Vibration-resistant rubber feet;
  • Quiet operation.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Hailea

Product Data

  • Brand: Hailea