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Hailea Nutrient Chillers

Product Code: HYV-0363
Hailea Nutrient Chiller are used to cool nutrient solution quickly and efficiently.

How does Hailea Nutrient Chiller work?

Hailea Nutrient Chiller works through the feed being pumped into the chiller, cooled, and then pumped back out again. 

Easy to use

The display's easy to read and everything's controlled with just 3 x buttons.

Prevents algae and root diseases

With a cool feed, oxygen levels stay high and nutrient diseases can't survive. Users will also reduce the risk of algae, which thrives in a warm feed.

Tough and reliable

Each chiller has a tough metal case and an anti-corrosive evaporator made from pure titanium. 

Auto shut down

To protect your motor, your chiller will shut off the circuit if ever it overloads.

Accurate thermostat

The thermostat is ultra-precise so you can reach your target nutrient temperature.


  • Cools quickly.
  • Robust.
  • Efficient and reliable.

Product Data

  • Brand: Hailea