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Measuring Jugs

Product Code: HYV-0279
Grow Tools’ measuring jugs are an essential in a grower’s hydroponic equipment with their easy to read measurements and simple design. Measuring jugs are used to measure an accurate amount of concentrate to mix with water or for users to add to their tank. They are ideal for larger systems where a syringe is not suitable for the volume of measuring.

500ml Measuring Jug

A must for all grow rooms, the measuring jugs are made from medical grade plastic and can withstand acids and other similar products for long contact times. Measuring jugs provide accuracy and consistency to help users minimise waste. These plastic measuring jugs feature graduated sides, strong handles and precision spout to make every measuring task quick, easy and precise. 


  • Easy to read measurement markings
  • Measurements on one side
  • Simple design
  • Value for money


Product Data

  • Brand: Grow Tools