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Jiffy Giant Propagator

Product Code: HYD-1213
Jiffy Giant Propagators are made from high-quality plastics and offer plants the optimum environment for successful cultivation and healthy growth.

Jiffy Giant Propagators

Jiffy Giant Propagators form customised solutions with respect to supplying the plants with nutrients and offer ideal requisites for proper watering, light, and temperature.

Translucent lids make it possible to capture sufficient daylight, and integrated vent flaps ensure optimum venting and air conditioning for the seeds and plants.

Integrated venting flaps for optimum venting and air conditioning


  • Intelligent solutions for clean and easy handling.
  • The right size for every purpose, re-usable.
  • Translucent lids to ensure adequate light.
  • Made from high-quality plastic.
  • Water-proof plastic bottom trays.

Product Data

  • Brand: Jiffy
  • Height: 12
  • Length: 15
  • Width: 13
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Box Quantity: 1
  • RRP: £22.95