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Lava-Lite No-Gnats

Product Code: HYV-0531
No Gnats forms a barrier between the soil surface and air, preventing pests from entering or escaping.

Lava-Lite No-Gnats

Indoor soil is particularly prone to fungus gnat infestations. At best, they’re an annoyance; at worst you could lose your plants. No Gnats forms a barrier between the soil surface and air, preventing pests from entering or escaping. 

Controls fungus gnat infestations

Moist soil is so important for your indoor plants…however, it’s also a breeding ground for pests. Fungus gnats love to lay their eggs in damp, warm soil, meaning you’re due for an infestation that will only grow and grow. 

No-Gnats provides a 100% natural remedy to fungus gnats and their larvae. It creates a barrier between the soil and air, preventing bugs from being able to lay their eggs in your precious garden. Existing larvae under the soil will be unable to escape, and the flies in the air will have nowhere to lay their eggs, meaning they’ll die off without leaving new offspring behind. 

100% natural remedy

Unlike many other pest control methods, No-Gnats is made from 100% natural ingredients. It’s gentle on your plants and contains no synthetic chemicals. 

This means it’s safe to use around children and animals and will not harm aquatic life. 

It also doesn’t use harmful pesticides to kill gnats and flies; it simply stops new larvae from emerging. No-Gnats is pH neutral. As a result, it’s suitable for use with any household plant and won’t disrupt the composition of your soil. 

How to use Lava-Lite No-Gnats?

The following instructions are based on a potted indoor plant:

Sprinkle a ring of No-Gnats (about 10cm in diameter) in the soil around your plant. Repeat as necessary either to prevent or control gnat infestations. 

Once you have finished using No-Gnats, dig the ring of product into the soil. 

Why choose Lava-Lite No-Gnats?

  • Natural gnat control method;

  • Suitable for houseplants and indoor-grown plants;

  • Free from chemical and pesticides;

  • Eliminates fungus gnats and prevents further infestations;

  • Will not harm aquatic life;

  • 100% natural formulation;

  • Non-toxic and child- and pet-safe;

  • pH neutral;

  • Holds up to 25% moisture. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Lava-Lite

Product Data

  • Brand: Lava-Lite