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Plagron Perlite

Product Code: HYV-0382
Plagron Perlite is baked volcanic rock that provides an airy substrate and improved drainage.

Plagron Perlite

There are several reasons why Plagron Perlite is such a useful additive to hydroponic setups. They mainly stem from their unique physical and chemical properties.

  • Perlite is physically stable and retains its shape even when pressed into the soil.
  • It has a neutral pH level.
  • It contains no toxic chemicals and is made from naturally occurring compounds found in soil.
  • It is incredibly porous and contains pockets of space inside for air.
  • It can retain some amount of water while allowing the rest to drain away.

How to use Plagron Perlite?

Use Plagron Perlite to improve the structure of the soil. Perlite can be broadly used. It has a consistent quality, is germ-free and provides the ideal water/air ratio. Perlite stimulates root development. The product carries the RHP quality mark.


  • High water and oxygen holding capacity.
  • Consistent quality and germ-free.
  • Provides an ideal water/air ratio.
  • RHP quality mark.

Product Data

  • Brand: Plagron