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The Growers Guide

Product Code: HYV-0017
Learn how to confidently grow from start to finish with The Growers Guide series. The concise A-Z guides include Passive Watering Systems, Organics, Bubblers DWC and Coco Coir and Soil, which are full of ideas and helpful tips to bring the reader success in every harvest.

The Growers Guide series by Rich Hamilton

Rich Hamilton's series of Growers Guide books are a concise and easy to follow series packed full of helpful ideas and tips for the world of indoor growing.

Coco Coir and Soil

The Growers Guide Coco Coir and Soil will rapidly accelerate readers’ knowledge, skills and growing techniques so that they will become a competent grower, and confidently grow indoors in no time. Coco Coir and Soil illustrates how to get the most out of a grow, and by doing so enabling growers to produce the best end result possible.

Bubblers DWC

The Growers Guide Bubblers DWC gives the reader a full insight into and the benefits of successfully growing in bubbler systems. The book is also packed full of advice, growing techniques and recommendations for products and equipment from brands well-known in the hydroponic industry.


Whether the reader is a beginner or a more experienced grower who is looking to refresh their techniques, The Growers Guide Organics is a concise A-Z guide, full of ideas and tips to help bring the reader success with their harvest. Hamilton has culminated his years of expertise of indoor growing and streamlined it into this comprehensive guide on how to successfully raise healthy plants by growing with organics.

Passive Watering Systems

In Passive Watering Systems, Hamilton includes more content on the growing process than ever before, broadening the amount of information available for beginners all the way to intermediate growers. Readers also experience the addition of more advanced chapters for those who seek an in-depth understanding of the nutritional elements required to raise healthy plants.

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