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Triminator Mini Dry Trimmer

Product Code: HYD-1080
Portable, versatile, easy to use. Trim anywhere with Triminator Mini Dry. This award-winning portable bud trimmer offers commercial-grade quality, an excellent trim and it’s built to last. Trims up to 1-2 kilograms an hour and offers optional tumbler kit to maximise productivity.

Triminator Mini Dry Trimmer

Proprietary material reduces the need for lubricants and reduces friction by eliminating metal on metal interfaces. Pure Trim technology keeps the product cooler, which reduces resin loss and stickiness, and produces the highest clarity extracts.

No lubricants

Keep product and trim pure.

Less friction

Reduce resin loss and stickiness with no heat build-up.

Trim anywhere

The compact and lightweight design makes the Mini Dry the best dry trimmer for urban and boutique grow operations. Carrying handles allow users to manoeuvre with the machine effortlessly while the compact size lets users store it in the smallest spaces hassle-free.

No tools required

Disassemble and assemble without tools in 15 seconds or less with the innovative turn-loc system. Drum swaps are fast and clean up is easy.

Ergonomic design

Load. Run. Unload. Quickly and easily with roll back design that makes bud trimming easy and comfortable.

Pressure washable

Military-grade materials mean the Mini Dry was made to be used. Pressure washable means cleanup is a breeze.


  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Less friction
  • No tools required
  • Ergonomic design

Product Data

  • Brand: Triminator
  • Height: 61
  • Length: 55
  • Width: 40
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Box Quantity: 1
  • RRP: £3,195.00