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Triminator Wet Trimmer

Product Code: HYD-1074
Triminator Wet was built to meet the rigorous demands of commercial and large scale growers. Designed to trim faster, cut closer, and run longer without cleaning. Triminator Wet is the most technologically advanced Trimmer on earth.

Triminator Wet Trimmer

Closest Trim

A bedknife-free design provides the industry’s closest, most precise wet trim.

Hand-Trim Quality

Minimise handling time and waste. Perfect quality, every time. No touch-ups are necessary.

Trim Non-Stop

Trim 90 kilograms non-stop with our patented self-cleaning Resin Repel mist system. No more squeaky, sticky drums, no more mandatory hourly cleanings, or frustrating spray bottles. Resin Repel cleans itself.

Atomised Water Layer

Keeps the blades of the cutting reel from becoming dull with accumulated plant material.

Industry's Biggest Drum

With the hydroponic industry's biggest drum and maximum cutting surface, the Triminator Wet's long narrow drum maximises cutting surface resulting in faster bud trimming, without causing unnecessary movement for the flowers.

Perfect Timing

By testing hundreds of rotating speeds Triminator have established the perfect cutting speed that is slow enough to maintain the integrity of the product and fast enough to cut.

Pressure Washable

Military-grade materials mean the Wet was made to be used. Pressure washable means cleanup is so simple.

Built for Life

With a 2 year trim tough warranty this Wet trimmer was made to last and built entirely with industrial-grade components.

Locking Wheels

The Trimmer can be kept in place, no matter the slope with its wheel-locking feature.

Product Data

  • Brand: Triminator
  • Height: 99
  • Length: 114
  • Width: 47
  • Pallet Quantity: 1
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Box Quantity: 1
  • RRP: £18,925.00