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Triminator XL Dry Trimmer

Product Code: HYD-1078
The Triminator XL Dry was built for business. With a trimming capacity of up to 60 pounds an hour, this Dry Trimmer is the fastest Dry Trimmer in the world.

Triminator XL Dry Trimmer

Bigger is Better

The hydroponic industry’s largest dry drum with 44.5″ of effective cutting length for production speeds of up to 27 kilograms per hour.

Gentle Trimmer

Optimised trim speed minimises trichome loss while maximising production.

Speed Trim Technology

Innovative angular shear band geometry provides sharp precise trimming every time for a close clean trim.

Pure Trim

All Triminator Trimmers are built with patented technology making them lubricant-free.

Clean Extracts

Without external lubricants, users are able to produce the cleanest, highest clarity extracts.

Closed-Loop System

Zero fans, close loop system means 100% of trim is captured and ready for use in extracts without being beaten up by fans or blowers.

Rapid Loading

Innovative lock and load pivot system streamline production for rapid throughput, empty, lock and load.

Repeatable Processes

Create repeatable processes with our set and forget timer, set it and come back when it’s done. With the batch production model, the operator can be doing QC work or prepping for the next load, reducing labour demands and increasing efficiency.

Pressure Washable

All parts are pressure washable for easy cleaning and maximum uptime.

Industrial Grade

Built with industrial-grade materials and thermal overload for worry-free operation in commercial applications

Flat-free tires

Forget flat tires on your machines. The flat-free solid rubber tires on the XL Dry ensure that you can roll your bud trimmer to any trimming location. The lock and level feature allow you to set up on uneven surfaces.

Product Data

  • Brand: Triminator
  • Height: 138
  • Length: 86
  • Width: 86
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Box Quantity: 1
  • RRP: £12,495.00