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Latest News

  • Carls Corner BLOG-01.jpg
    Carl has been testing out the latest range of LEDs Omega has to offer. He'll run through his thoughts and any useful information if you're thinking of switching to LEDs.
  • ChikaBlog.jpg
    Introducing Eden Horticulture’s latest product launch, ChikaChika! High-quality and premium Japanese design inspired pruning shears in three different styles, all designed to make trimming comfortable and effortless
  • December_Blog copy.jpg
    We have some amazing products arriving at Eden Horticulture this December. Find out more about them in this month's Newsletter!
  • LED Blog-01 3.jpg
    LEDs have well and truly landed in 2020, and there are some good ones about. We have broken down the market-leading LEDs to help you make a decision on what to buy.