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1 2 75 Results


Eden Horticulture offers a broad range of hydroponics products and accessories. We envision becoming the leaders in hydroponics wholesale and distribution to help growers, farmers, and hobbyists grow happy and healthy plants.

On this page, youll find our best-selling lamps, light fittings, tools, accessories, and products from brands like Omega and Grow Gadgets.

Today, even UK growers without a garden or a massive space where to grow their crops can use these tools made of fine quality materials and with high-efficiency.

Even without a large outdoor space where natural sunlight can be available, you can take advantage of kits, grow lamps, fixtures, timers and contactors, reflectors, accessories, and ballasts to set up the correct and adequate light that will stimulate plant growth as natural sunlight would do.

With our hydroponics tools, accessories, and equipment, you can grow beautiful plants with tasty fruits.

Even if youre growing in an apartment building, our products and accessories can help you set up a growing space where plants can thrive and give you high yields.

Indoor grow lights for indoor plants, hydroponics, coco systems, and other growing systems and mediums give you the chance to grow healthy plants. They can grow healthily in a space where the sun is not setting. Thus, they will keep growing in a lit room!

Longer product lifespan

Our LED lights, grow lamps, and other products/accessories are made of only high-quality materials and by top brands. LED lights, for instance, have lower operating temperature, so they can last longer than traditional systems.

Energy Saving

Modern and innovative lights are energy-saving! Eden Horticulture sells only energy-saving lights that work efficiently, lowering your electricity bills whether you are growing plants for personal or commercial purposes.

High-quality crops

From planting to harvesting, plants will grow healthily with efficient grow lights. They are unlike traditional lights that can have a burning effect, resulting in a temperature that can dry up the plants. LED lights will not cause damage to your plants or result in them using more water and energy to survive. They are not harsh on your plants and can help you save water and energy.


Grow lights are highly controllable while running cooler than any other HPS lamps and lights. Thus, youll have better control of the environments temperature and your plants heat exposure.


Our grow lights are environmentally friendlier than HID lights, which contain high levels of mercury and can be harsh not only on plants but also the environment.

Eden Horticulture UK Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution

Grow lights offer targeted solutions while consuming less energy than traditional lights. They are with better efficiency without compromising brightness or emitting harmful emissions and substances.

Browse through our wide range of products and accessories, including the following


Spectrum lamps

HPS lamps

Heavy-duty timer

Board socket

LED lights

Parabolic reflectors


CMH kits

Reflector with lead

Lamp hanger


Magnetic and digital ballasts

Grow lamps

Eden Horticulture Hydroponics Wholesale and Distribution

We're the UK's leading hydroponics wholesale and hydroponics distribution company that sells hydroponics solutions and equipment. For quality, innovative, and highly-efficient grow lights, choose only Eden Horticulture. We're your reliable, one-stop shop for top-notch hydroponics solutions.

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