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Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V

Product Code: HYD-0948
Omega Lighting’s V-Pro 1000w DE 400v Full Fixture is an efficient and state of the art 240v professional electronic lighting unit.

About the Omega V-PRO 1000W DE 400V Full Fixture.

Combined with Omega’s double-ended metal halide and HPS, 1000w, 400v high-frequency lamps, this fixture produces professional growing results.

The Omega full fixtures utilise a Ballast, Reflector and Lamp all together in one unit. Ballast output is controlled by a dimmer switch, ranging from 600w, 660w, 750w, 825w, 1000w and 1200w. The design allows the user to get more of a precise output, as well as a stable burning position and enhanced light maintenance over a period of time.

The output range can easily be adjusted between 600w and 1150w, by using the fixture’s built-in dimmer switch.


  • Exceptional value for money - perfect for those on a budget
  • Utilises 400v DE technology developed for use in greenhouses by professional horticulturalists
  • Puts out more light than standard 230-volt lighting
  • No need to replace the lamps for a full year
  • Comes with a closed reflector - ideal if you want to keep your light higher up

Product Data

  • Brand: Omega Lighting
  • Height: 27
  • Length: 27
  • Width: 61