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Omega Air Cooled Digital Kits

Product Code: HYV-0079
Omega Lighting Kits are regarded as the best on the market at excellent value for money. This combination package offers a high-performance, cost-effective lighting system.

A high performance and cost-effective Digi Light Kit

Omega Lighting Kits are regarded as the best on the market and excellent value for money. This combination package offers the user a high performance and cost-effective lighting system. 

Included in the package is a high quality Omega Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast, an Omega Black Air Cooled Reflector which gives an efficient and even distribution of light, as well as an Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp.

With one-year warranty, the Omega Air Cooled Digi Light offers the very best in lighting technology.

Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp

By combining the latest lighting technology with our own experience, Omega Lighting Dual Spectrum Lamps are specifically designed to suit each unique stage of a plant’s growth. 

Omega Lighting’s technically advanced lamps feature two ceramic tubes which are designed to optimise light output. This, in turn, achieves more usable light energy, providing longer-lasting performance with consistent lumen output. The dynamics of the tube allows for heat reduction without impacting upon the lifespan of the lamp. This results in a lower grow temperature that contributes to increased plant yield.

Omega Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast 

The Omega Digital Ballast is not the same as any dimmable ballast available on the market. These systems give growers complete versatility and performance from a single lighting system. Likewise, it will run at 1150w (super lumen), 1000w, 600w and 400w settings. The super lumen technology increases ballast output for maximum lamp performance, therefore providing the user with the best lighting possible.

Omega Black Air Cooled Reflector

This high-quality Black Air Cooled Reflector helps to improve indoor temperatures and enhance plant performance. This high-quality Reflector blasts away the hot air that surrounds the user’s lamp(s) out of their grow room. The Black Air Cooled Reflector comes with a 5″, 6” and 8” spigot connection size, depending on the size of the Reflector.

Omega’s Reflector also features two ports, one for the input air and one for the exit air. This affords the user further control over where the cooling air is drawn from. This is especially useful if the user is growing in a Co2 enriched environment. 

This Reflector by Omega Lighting is airtight, designed for powdered air-cooling, which is a valuable part of any growing equipment.

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