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Omega 5m iec Extension Lead

Product Code: HYD-2431
Struggling with plugs? This IEC extension lead adds an extra 5 metres for easy reach.

Omega 5m IEC Extension Lead

This female C13 to male C14 connector provides an additional 5 metres of length to standard ballasts and reflectors. Hang equipment from ceilings and in the middle of grow rooms, without worrying about staying near a mains source. 

Gives room to grow

Navigating space in your grow room can be difficult, especially if your equipment simply can’t reach where it needs to be. Access equipment anywhere by attaching the 5m extension lead to your ballast or reflector. 

Meets IEC Regulations

The lead meets International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, meaning that it fulfils their safety criteria of home and commercial appliances. This standard is used around the world as a measure of safe and reliable technology.

How to use Omega 5m Extension Lead?

Just attach to an appliance such as a ballast or reflector. Make sure to wait until the extension lead is connected before turning the appliance on at the mains. 

Where to use Omega 5m Extension Lead?

The lead is suitable for use in grow rooms and grow tents, or for domestic usage. The Omega 5m should be used indoors only. 

Why choose Omega 5m Extension Lead?

This is a safe and trusted solution to using grow technology in large spaces, or in spaces with hard-to-reach electrical outlets. 

The 5m provides enough length to comfortably hang appliances, and is versatile enough to fit a range of everyday horticultural equipment. 

  • 5 metre extension lead;

  • 3-pin female C13 and 3-pin male C14 ends;

  • Adds length to hard-to-reach electrical outlets;

  • Meets IEC safety standards.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Omega

  • Length: 5 metres (197 inches)

Product Data

  • Brand: Omega
  • Height: 3
  • Length: 503
  • Width: 3
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Box Quantity: 40
  • RRP: £7.50