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Omega Cool Wing Digital Kits

Product Code: HYV-0071
The Omega Cool Wing Digital Kit features an Omega Cool Wing Reflector, an Omega Dual Spectrum Bulb and a Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast.

Consistent light output guaranteed

Included in the package is an Omega high quality digital, dimmable Ballast, an Omega Cool Wing Reflector which gives an efficient and even distribution of light, as well as an Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp.

  • Black Cool Wing Reflector
  • Omega Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast
  • Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp
  • High performance Light Kit
  • Efficient and even distribution of light.

Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp

By combining the latest lighting technology with our own experience, Omega Lighting Dual Spectrum Lamps are specifically designed to suit each unique stage of a plant’s growth. Omega Lighting’s technically advanced lamps feature two ceramic tubes which are designed to optimise light output. This, in turn, achieves more usable light energy, providing longer-lasting performance with consistent lumen output. The dynamics of the tube allows for heat reduction without impacting upon the lifespan of the lamp. This results in a lower grow temperature that contributes to increased plant yield.

Omega Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast 

Omega Digi-Pro Dimmable Digital Ballast is a high-quality ballast which is far more efficient than other ballasts on the market.

The ballast is much more affordable than other ballasts giving excellent value for money with outstanding performance and reliability. Omega Digital Dimmable Ballast has the option of four different output levels as well as a super-lumen option with a dimming selector illuminating a grow.  

Increase the energy efficiency of a growing operation with this wall-mounted, dimmable ballast from Omega. This unit has been specially calibrated to have the highest possible PAR output (photosynthetic active radiation), which is the measure of how much energy from light actually gets to the plants. The Omega Digi-Pro's beam patterns are also incredibly uniform in order to reduce the instances of striations and hot spots that can damage plants. 

Omega Cool Wing Reflector

This high-quality Cool Wing Reflector is an airtight and fully sealed, clear glass tube with a lamp-mounting bracket in its centre.

The Cool Wing Reflector has been designed to keep both the lamp and grow room cooler by passing cool air over the lamps, reducing excessive heat build-up.

This Cool Wing Reflector comes with a 4-meter cable with IEC connector, and has detachable wings.

The Reflector by Omega Lighting is airtight, designed for powdered air cooling, which is a valuable part of any growing equipment.

Product Data

  • Brand: Omega Lighting