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Omega Parabolic Digital Kits

Product Code: HYV-0074
Ready for this super-efficient kit? Omega has put together a Parabolic Reflector, Dual Spectrum Lamp, and Digi-Pro Dimmable Ballast to create an unbeatable lighting system.

Omega Parabolic Digital Kits

Ready for this super-efficient kit? Omega has put together a Parabolic Reflector, Dual Spectrum Lamp, and Dimmable Ballast to create an unbeatable lighting system. 

High-performance and cost-effective

This combination package provides a high-performance and cost-effective lighting system. As expected from Omega, impeccable quality and affordability make it suitable for any indoor grower. 

Included is a Digital or Digi-Pro Dimmable Ballast, a lightweight Parabolic Reflector, and the Dual Spectrum Lamp, one of the most efficient on the market. 

Omega Parabolic Reflector

Reflectors increase the efficiency of grow lights by shining it evenly over the leaf canopy. They prevent uneven growing, which might cause burned or dehydrated areas in one area of a garden or small, wilting plants in another. 

This parabolic reflector from Omega is made from highly reflective stucco galvanised reflective aluminium. It ensures total, even coverage over the plant canopy. 

Its wide-angled, umbrella-shaped structure can be mounted closer to plants, thus increasing light levels. The reflector comes flat-packed for easy delivery and is easy to assemble. 

Growers may choose from a horizontal or vertical reflector to best suit their growing needs. 

Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp

By combining the latest lighting technology with our own experience, Omega Lighting Dual Spectrum Lamps suit each unique stage of a plant’s growth.

Omega’s technically-advanced lamps feature two ceramic tubes designed to optimise light output. This achieves more usable light energy, providing longer-lasting performance with a consistent lumen output

The dynamics of the tube shape allow for heat reduction without impacting the lifespan of the lamp. The result? A lower grow temperature that increases plant yield. 

Omega lamps consistently beat market alternatives for efficiency: the 600W sits at the top of the charts with an incredible 813µmol/s PPF. 

Omega Digital Ballast

The Omega Digi-Pro Dimmable Digital Ballast is the professionals’ choice for maximising plant growth. They offer the user the ability to control power output to the bulb, which not only protects its lifetime but also reduces growing costs

Omega’s state-of-the-art ballasts are ideal for powering HID lamps. They feature a unique four-setting control which offers dimming options of 250W, 400W, and 600W, plus a super-lumen setting of 660W.

How to use the Omega Parabolic Digital Kits?

These three appliances are designed for use together. They’ll create an effortless set that will produce astounding results. 

However, growers can use each component separately with a ballast, lamp, or reflector of their choice. 

Making sure all appliances are unplugged from the mains, insert the lamp into the reflector and plug the reflector cable into the ballast. Plug the other end of the ballast cable into a mains source and the trio is ready to use. 

Where to use the Omega Parabolic Digital Kits?

This kit is perfect for indoor use in any growing setup. It will fit seamlessly into existing setups and increase efficiency in grow rooms, grow tents, sheds, greenhouses, and hydroponic systems. 

Why choose Omega Parabolic Digital Kits?

  • High-quality, efficient Omega lighting kit;
  • Includes digital ballast, bulb, and parabolic reflector;
  • Features dimmable ballast with four output settings;
  • Calibrated for the highest possible PAR output;
  • Suitable for all stages of growth;
  • Helps reduce ambient grow room temperature;
  • Consistent light output;
  • Efficient, cost-friendly Omega equipment. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Omega

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  • Brand: Omega Lighting