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The need of specific and high quality nutrients cannot be overemphasized in UK hydroponics. Eden Horticulture has a variety of supplements, vitamins and minerals that will ensure healthy plant growth. This variation of supplements and nutrients ranges from soil care, specific plant enhancers based on their cycle, and even materials that will help plants grow to their fullest potential.

Specific Nutrients

Eden Horticulture offers nutrients that your plants need in every phase of their life cycle. Whether you are in the bloom phase, you can check out these products which are high in phosphorus and potassium for optimal flowering:

Hesi Bloom Complex

Cyco Bloom

Biobizz Bio Bloom

Beginners usually need products that provide various nutrients for overall nourishment. Plants that require vitamins can highly benefit from these products at Eden Horticulture:

Hesi Supervit


Cyco Uptake

Whether it is on the vegetative or blooming phase, the right buddies for your greens are homed in Eden Horticulture.

Plant Repair

In the hunt for a product that will repair damaged plants? Eden Horticulture has got your plants covered.

One of the top-selling products is the Cyco Dr. Repair, which treats chlorosis effectively. It also addresses the environmental stresses that a plant goes through.

Advanced Nutrients Revive is another plant enhancer that increases its chances of survival. It rejuvenates plants, especially when development seems like trouble.

Root Nourishment

One of the best things that every plant parent has dreamed about is having healthy roots on all plants. Eden Horticulture has the perfect root enhancers.

Among them is the Clonex, which promotes a healthy cutting environment. It also promotes root cell growth and development and is perfect for those who want to grow more plants.

Oxygen Enhancer

The Liquid Oxygen supplies more oxygen to a mineral solution. This increases nutrient absorption at the root level and will eventually optimize plant growth.

Helpful Gadgets Gadgets that will optimize your love for growing your plants are also available. Eden Horticulture has Grow Gadgets Ph-Pro Meter. This electronic device is meant to measure the pH reading of the soil, which is perfect for meticulous plants that need specific soil pH. This accurately gives you the reading in no time and will help you condition your plants for the right pH level, ideal for their growth.

All the nutrients that you provide in your plants are rendered useless when they are inadequately dissolved or absorbed. The good thing is that Eden Horticulture has the best buddy in that scenario.

Another gadget that will greatly help plant growers on their journey to healthier greens is the Aqualine EC Stick. This easy-to-use gadget measures the nutrient concentration or strength in the solution, which is great for those having the right distribution of all the dissolved nutrients.

Insecticidal Products

Keep your plants away from flies and bugs with the Fortefog Fumers. It is an extremely effective insecticidal against a wide range of flying or crawling species.

All the products at Eden Horticulture are efficient and effective at their best value. Those who are in the hunt for hydroponics wholesale products will enjoy checking out these nutrient supplements for various plants.

Eden Horticulture offers essential nutrients, whether it is for hydroponics nutrient systems, for soil care, coco use, and even for aeroponics, the right supplements will guarantee strong and healthy plant growth.

You can get all these products at Eden Horticulture hydroponics distribution and wholesale centre. The ease and access here for hydroponic supplies, grow lights, and hydroponics equipment is incomparable.

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