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Biobizz Bio Bloom

Product Code: HYV-0093
Bio Bloom provides crucial NPK for superior growth in the flowering stage. It's also packed with enzymes and amino acids to supercharge photosynthesis. 

Biobizz Bio Bloom 

Bio Bloom provides crucial NPK for superior growth in the flowering stage. It’s also packed with enzymes and amino acids to supercharge photosynthesis. 

Hydroponic NPK fertiliser 

This original Bio Bloom formula contains the primary nutrients needed to support dramatic flower growth. It has an NPK ratio of 2 - 7 - 4, meaning it’s highest in phosphorus. 

Nitrogen ensures plants stay green and vibrant through their blooming stage - emphasis shouldn’t just be on flowering! It helps to produce the chlorophyll plants need for photosynthesis. 

Phosphorus and potassium assist in leaf and petal formation, ensuring development is as rapid as possible. Potassium in particular works to establish a plant’s circadian rhythm - the same rhythm that makes us feel tired at night. Having a clear routine helps a plant to trigger their flowering process at the right time and produce optimal yields. 

Contains enzymes and amino acids

Bio Bloom contains a range of enzymes to kickstart important plant processes into action. Nutrient uptake will rise with no extra effort as these enzymes help break down available nutrients in the substrate into plant-friendly forms. 

Like nitrogen, amino acids help form the chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis. Plants will maintain plenty of energy and grow as rapidly as possible. 

How to use Biobizz Bio Bloom?

Bio Bloom is designed for use throughout the flowering stage. Dilute the required amount in water and mix thoroughly. Add all nutrients one at a time; do not mix concentrated nutrient solutions. 

Growers may use Bio Bloom solution for hand watering or in automatic watering systems. Use with every watering

The following quantities are recommended for a 12-week plant cycle, where flowering begins in week 3:

Week 3: 1ml/L;

Weeks 4-5: 2ml/L;

Weeks 6-7: 3ml/L;

Weeks 8-10: 4ml/L;

Week 11: Flush with water only. 

Check the pH of the water or growing medium after adding all nutrients: it should sit between 6.2 and 6.5. 

Where to use Biobizz Bio Bloom?

Biobizz Bio Bloom produces best results in hydroponic systems. It is suitable for hand watering systems or automatic irrigation methods.

It may also be used to enhance soils or soilless media like coco. 

This nutrient solution is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

What to use with Biobizz Bio Bloom?

Growers may use Biobizz Bio Grow before and alongside Bio Bloom. Begin use in the vegetative stage and continue for the entire life cycle to increase sugar content and produce deliciously sweet fruits and flowers. 

Why choose Biobizz Bio Bloom?

  • 100% organic fertiliser;
  • Provides essential NPK;
  • Increases nutrient uptake;
  • Contains enzymes and amino acids;
  • Ideal for hydroponic use;
  • Also suitable for enriching soil and coco;
  • Ideal for use with Biobizz Bio Grow

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Biobizz

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  • Brand: Biobizz