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Demon Nutrients

Product Code: HYV-0408
Demon Nutrients Density is a focussed fusion of bio-stimulates derived from natural plant extracts. This provides you with an surge in flower mass and density in your final harvest.

Demon Nutrients Density 250ml

  • Derived from plant extracts 
  • Increases flower mass
  • Does not contain hazardous ingredients 
  • Ideal to be used in conjunction with any nutrient regime

Demon Density is a concentrated blend of bio-stimulants, hormones and natural plant extracts. It is aimed to deliver a huge increase in flower mass and density. No hazardous ingredients or chemicals are used within this product. Only natural plant extracts with natural hormones and flowering stimulates are included. 

Demon Density can be used in hydro, coco and soil.

Product Data

  • Brand: Demon Nutrients