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Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom A & B

Product Code: HYV-0486
The team at Emerald Harvest have spent years formulating their base nutrients. This A & B combination boosts fruiting and keeps stems strong.

Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom A & B - 22.71L 

Rich in phosphorus and potassium

Cali Pro Bloom is greater in phosphorus and potassium than its nitrogen-filled counterpart Pro Grow. Phosphorus helps a plant convert nutrients into smaller, more ingestible parts, reducing stress and dramatically enhancing nutrient uptake. Potassium regulates photosynthesis and supports the flow of water and nutrients around the entire plant system. Gardeners looking for greener, stronger, more oxygenated plants need look no further than this simple two-part mix. 

Optimal nutrient absorption 

Emerald Harvest products use only premium-quality chelated minerals, which are more readily absorbed by plants’ roots. This means they’re more available within the hydroponic solution and are used more efficiently.

Friendly on pH fluctuations

pH swings are normal, but excessive fluctuations can block nutrient absorption and, in extreme cases, may pose life-threatening deficiencies to plants. 

Because Cali Pro Bloom’s chelated minerals are easier to uptake, they can also be absorbed at a wider pH spectrum. Natural fluctuations in acidity will become less stressful and growers will see flourishing, green foliage. 

How to use Emerald Harvest Pro Cali Bloom A & B?

Pro Cali Bloom A & B is for use during the flowering stage. The following feed information is based on a 9-week blooming cycle, but additional weeks may be added between 4 and 5 if required. 

Week 1 (Transition): N/A

Weeks 2-3 (Early Flowering): 1.25ml/L each of Pro Cali Bloom A and Pro Cali Bloom B (2.5ml/L total)

Weeks 4-7 (Mid and Late Flowering): 1.5ml/L each of Pro Cali Bloom A and Pro Cali Bloom B (3.0ml/L total)

Weeks 8 (Ripening): 1.5ml/L each of Pro Cali Bloom A and Pro Cali Bloom B (3.0ml/L total)

Where to use Emerald Harvest Pro Cali Bloom A & B?

Emerald Harvest products offer top results in any substrate. However, they’re specially formulated to provide safe and effective results for hydro growing. The quantities above are recommended for use in any hydroponic systems, reservoirs, tanks, recirculating or drain-to-waste system. 

Why choose Emerald Harvest Pro Cali Bloom A & B?

  • Two-part base nutrient;

  • Rich in essential phosphorus and potassium;

  • Contains chelated minerals for easy absorption;

  • Makes plants more resilient to pH fluctuations;

  • Provides all essential macro- and micronutrients. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Emerald Harvest

  • Capacity: 22.71L (5 gal)

  • NPK Ratio (Part A): 3 - 0 - 3

  • NPK Ratio (Part B): 1 - 4 - 6

Product Data

  • Brand: Emerald Harvest