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Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk

Product Code: HYV-0496
Sturdy Stalk adds thickness to stems and branches and fortifies them on a cellular level. Plants develop a thicker outer coating difficult for pests to attack.

Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk 

This potassium silicate supplement works wonders in producing stronger, more resilient and structurally sound plants. It works as a “cement”, protecting individual cell walls. 

Not only does it prevent damage from getting in, it forms barriers which promote water retention. This is crucial for withstanding droughts and high temperatures. 

Source of essential potassium

Sturdy Stalk provides potassium: it’s the “K” in NPK and is essential for any plant. Potassium aids in the transportation of water and nutrients. It’s also key in activating the enzymes that produce proteins and starches, which plants store as an energy source. 

Enhances fruit and flower pigments

As well as strengthening your garden from the inside out, Sturdy Stalk plays a role in bountiful blooming. 

Potassium helps fruits and flowers to form. It’s also found in cell sap - and the more cell sap is found in a plant, the more pigments it can store. This means that Sturdy Stalk encourages bright, vibrant blooms. 

How to use Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk?

Sturdy Stalk has no specific feeding routine - apply when needed. 

It may be used at any time from early vegetation until the late flowering phase. For best results, only apply on your regular watering days.

Do not use Sturdy Stalk and Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag in the same watering.  

Where to use Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk?

Sturdy Stalk is recommended for hydroponic use. Apply with your usual watering schedule in reservoirs, tanks, and drain-to-waste and recirculating systems. 

Why choose Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk?

  • Soluble silicon derived from potassium silicate;

  • Key ingredient silica fortifies plant cell walls;

  • Protects against pests and disease;

  • Improves water retention;

  • Produces brighter, more vibrant fruits and flowers;

  • Apply as needed;

  • Increases water and nutrient transportation;

  • For use in hydroponic systems. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Emerald Harvest

  • NPK Ratio: 0 - 0 - 1

  • Other Active Ingredients: Silica ((derived from potassium silicate) (0.4%))

  • pH: 10

Product Data

  • Brand: Emerald Harvest